Media and Entertainment Funding

Here at IntaCapital Swiss, we have worked with many corporates across the globe who sought financial funding for their projects – with several being in the media and entertainment industry. We have enabled our clients to access capital/Lines of Credit via the means of our bespoke Collateral Transfer Facility, which has propelled business plans into reality.  

Typically, the process for obtaining capital via our Collateral Transfer Facility will start with the appointment of one of our Client Relationship Managers, who will ensure due care and attention throughout the process. Our CRMs assist every step of the way and provide the necessary details and terms of any facility applied for, whilst co-ordinating with our Finance Team to facilitate applications to competition.  

So, what is Collateral Transfer? It’s the delivery of assets from one party – a Provider, to another – the Beneficiary, often in the form of a Demand Bank Guarantee. At IntaCapital Swiss we have built a worldwide network of Providers, allowing us to bring together both Providers and our clients/beneficiaries. Once the Beneficiary has received the Demand Bank Guarantee, they now have a bankable asset on their accounts. This allows the Beneficiary to confidently approach their bankers with a request for credit facilities, offering the Demand Bank Guarantee as security.  

On occasion, bankers refuse or reject credit facility applications, despite being offered first-class security. However, in addition to issuing Providers, IntaCapital Swiss are able to supply alternative or third-party lenders who will lend against a Demand Bank Guarantee.  

IntaCapital Swiss and the Media & Entertainment Industry 

Over the past decade, we have helped to facilitate many projects that fall within the media and entertainment industry. Our Client Relationship Managers have assisted with providing funding for hotel construction, clubs, leisure facilities, golf courses, TV & film production, cinemas and many more. An example can be found in Europe, where we secured a Collateral Transfer agreement for €36 million for a hotel and casino development, wishing to expand their facilities within three major cities.  

IntaCapital Swiss are in the unique position of being able to provide access to capital and Lines of Credit to those companies who can present viable business plans, with strong exit strategies in place. With this opportunity, companies across the world can expand their businesses, whilst having the security of an assigned CRM throughout the entire process. To learn more on how we can help raise capital for your next project, get in touch today. Our professional team will be in touch within 24hrs to provide tailored advice and the next steps to move your application forward.