Instrument for Monetisation & Credit Lines

The International Monetary Fund is an organisation of countries working to promote global monetary cooperation enabling international trade facilitation.

Monetising a “Leased” Bank Guarantee (“leased” BG) or securing a loan against a “leased” Standby Letter of Credit (“leased” SBLC) from competitive lenders need not be a complicated application.

Working with our lending partners, IntaCapital Swiss of Geneva can provide secured loan facilities against so-called “leased” Bank Guarantee’s and “leased” Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) obtained through Collateral Transfer facilities and guide you through the full application process.

Secured Loan Facilities, Credit Lines and Loans secured against “leased” bank instruments ( sometimes referred to as Monetisation of a Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit or SBLC ) are available on several platforms at very competitive rates and criteria.

IntaCapital Swiss can provide competitive Collateral Transfer facilities – a very efficient and flexible means to acquire the additional capital you may require for project financing or for the opening of trading positions and other varied requirements.

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