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Our IntaNational Broker Network (IntaBrokerNet) is for finance professionals who wish to access our platforms and services for the service of their clients. Our dedication to our International Broker Network is unsurpassed. Finance professionals and existing clients make up around 92% of our new business volume each year, whilst less than 8% of our new business is derived from direct new client liaison. Therefore, we are keen to ensure our Broker Network is carefully managed and attention is shown to our trusted and long-serving finance professionals that are IntaBrokerNet.

IntaBroker Networks account for a fair percentage of our business and we understand the importance of providing our Authorised Brokers with precedence, priority and a comprehensive back-office support platform here in Geneva, Switzerland.

Appointed Brokers can also use our facilities and gain access to an ever-growing international network of resources. Use of our offices here in Geneva and access to our International Branches and Representative Offices are available to Authorised Brokers and members of IntaBrokerNet. Hospitality and chauffeur services can be provided to our mutual clients.

Members of IntaBrokerNet receive their unique login and I.D, allowing them exclusive access to other parts of our web service, including access to documents, personalised application forms and other items. The ability to propose clients online with application fast-tracking is also available.

Appointed Brokers automatically join our Broker Rewards programme that recognises and rewards input and business activity. If you are not already part of our ever-increasing network, we trust that your brokerage will be interested in finding out more. We always encourage first contact and we look forward to explaining how we can work together.

Whilst we do not actively promote the expansion of IntaBrokerNet, we are experiencing rapid growth in this arena. Finance professionals world-wide are servicing their clients’ bespoke financial needs. As such, they require up-to-the-minute information on new products and services that become available, as well as dynamic and strategic methods to finance their commercial enterprises.

IntaCapital Swiss are proud to be able to service our continually growing network of International Brokers. IntaNational Broker Networks is a pool of Appointed Representative Introducers who represent our services world-wide. We offer continued support, technical advice and guidance to all our appointed brokers who join our network. We pay commissions to all our appointed brokers and offer both themselves and their clients access to exclusive Swiss methodologies.

If you have an enquiry you wish to discuss with our expert team, feel free to contact us in strictest confidence. We look forward to welcoming you as part of IntaBrokerNet.

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