Fees costs & charges

Key features of IntaCapital Swiss’ Collateral Transfer Fees, Costs & Charges:

  • No upfront or advance charges
  • No Obligation Terms Offered
  • No fees or charges to Brokers
  • 100% Client Confidentiality

IntaCapital Swiss do not levy any advance or upfront charges to brokers or clients. IntaCapital undertake preliminary due diligence and compliance work at our own cost.

We pride ourselves with the ability to offer clients full and detailed Term Sheets without the need for cost contribution.

Only when the client has received the full Terms for the impending facility will they be required to issue a payment guarantee or security deposit against costs. There is of course no obligation for the client to accept the Terms offered and this service is provided free of charge.

It should be noted, however, the client will be expected to make payment of costs of establishing the facility once they have been provided with the facilities full terms. This is often made by a payment guarantee or refundable deposit or escrow. The amount of which will depend on the type and size of the facility. Generally, we encourage our Brokers to only introduce clients that have an established budget.

Clients looking to raise in excess of our minimum of €10 million facilities that are not adequately solvent or may object to opening Swiss bank facilities may not be eligible for credit facilities.

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