IntaBrokerNet : Introducing Clients 

Why introduce clients to IntaCapital Swiss?

  •  Fast & Simple Procedure
  • 100% Client Confidentiality
  • Full Underwriting Support
  • Private Relationship Management

Our Brokers will make the introduction of their clients to our New Business Department who will guide you through every step of the way. Generally, you will be appointed a Service Agent who will take care of you and your introduced clients.

You will be granted direct access to our expert financiers who will be able to assist you and answer any technical questions you may have. You will also be given access to us via Skype and utilise our conferencing facilities. You will be able to liaise with other brokers throughout our international network and exchange help and assistance in dealing with clients around the world.

At IntaCapital we believe it is important to develop strong, long-lasting relationships. That is why we place energy and resources in building our strong broker networks.

Broker Responsibilities:

In becoming an appointed Broker with IntaCapital Swiss, there are certain criteria that we impose to ensure that only quality business is transacted and to manage our time and our Brokers time more effectively.

That is why we expect that our brokers undertake preliminary checks on the client and to ensure quality control, we would ask that our Brokers undertake preliminary verification of the client prior to making the introduction to ensure that;

  • The transaction being proposed is legitimate and economically sound. 
  • The client has the financial standing that is expected of them. We cannot provide any facilities to clients that are not financially stable or solvent. 
  • The Broker has undertaken provisional verification of the client’s identity and provides copies of photographic identification. 
  • The Broker provides the full information package on the client. 
  • The Broker has identified the client’s budgets in preparation of any facility that we may be able to structure for them. 

In transacting business with the client, IntaCapital Swiss will always pass communications and requests via the Broker, allowing the Broker to maintain full control and management of his client.

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