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Who are we and how can we facilitate your business?

We are a modern and dynamic boutique finance company of Switzerland. We facilitate traditional Swiss methodologies practices of discretion, strength, and reliability. Our ability to combine modern financial dynamics enable us to lead the marketing when facilitating corporate finance, financial restructuring and to raise additional capital for companies and corporations in need.

We operate based on our company vision of “Delivering excellence; On-time and on-target.”

What is a Bank Guarantee?

A Bank Guarantee is a contractual obligation of a guaranteed sum of money to a beneficiary. The bank would only pay the amount of money within the contractual agreement if the opposing party does not fulfil the obligations within the outlined contract.

What are Bank Guarantees used for?

Bank guarantees received under collateral transfer facilities may be used to secure lines of credit. Typically, a bank will have no objection to offering credit against bank guarantees received in this manner up to 100% of face value, less of course advance interest charges, and bank fees. However, typical lending rates will be around 70% to 80% of face value. The total credit term can be for the duration of the guarantee, usually 1 to 5 years, but of course, will not exceed the expiry term of the guarantee.

How are Bank Guarantees issued?

The Guarantees that are issued under these types of facilities are worded specifically to secure credit lines. Guarantees are issued under ICC758 protocol and are readily accepted by all international and private banks. Often, they are referred to as a ‘letter of guarantee’, ‘credit facilities guarantee’ or ‘standby letters of credit’. It is important to recognise that by using a guarantee to secure a line of credit or loan, interest charges will apply in addition to the normal contract fee. From our experience, international bank lending rates for loans secured against such high-quality security tend to be in the region of 3,00% per 12-month term, possibly more. This will differ in certain jurisdictions and currencies.

These facilities suit financial requirements for terms under 5 years or where returns are high, allowing higher expenditure on annual rates. The longer the term, the less suited collateral transfer facilities are and therefore we discourage terms in excess of 5 years, although they are achievable.

Alternative Credit Line opportunities

IntaCapital Swiss, depending on the client’s credit rating and underwriting criteria, maybe able to support it clients in raising credit against guarantees of this type in the event that our clients own bank refused to offer lending facilities. We have solid relationships with understanding banks and private equity groups who look to expand lending opportunities in this area.

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