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Nobody likes paying upfront fees. Do I need to pay any advance fees?

No. Neither IntaCapital nor any of its Provider’s levy advance fees or charges. We provide our clients with a full and detailed Term Sheet fixing the exact binding terms of contract free of charge and without any obligation on the applicant to proceed. We burden all due diligence and underwriting costs. The Term Sheet is a formal offering of the facility and details all elements of the transaction including the amount, the term, details of the Provider, the issuing bank, the Contract Fee (the annual rental of the Guarantee) and the procedures to completion. It is a formal and binding offer.

Are there any hidden or unexpected costs or charges?

No. All costs, fees and charges are detailed in full and explicitly within the Term Sheet contract supplied. If at any time after receiving the Term Sheet you decide you do not wish to proceed, you can do so with no financial commitment, cost or charge. All details, costs, charges and procedures will be declared before you are required to make any financial commitment.

Once I receive a Term Sheet, am I secured the facility?

Yes. If you decide to accept the Terms, the facility is secured in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Term Sheet.

What costs and charges do I need to pay once I have been given the facility?

If you wish to proceed with the facility once you have received the detailed Term Sheet contract offering you the facility, you will be required to make payment of a Booking Fee. You will receive a Collateral Offer contract directly from your Provider, generally within ten days. Depending on your credit status and trading history, the Provider may request that a deposit is paid against the Contract Fee (a Security Deposit). Of course, once your bank has received the issuing banks SWIFT advice of the bank guarantee, you will be expected to make payment of the Contract Fee, less any deposit paid. There are no other costs or charges. All costs, fees and charges are detailed in full within the Term Sheet.

What is a Booking Fee and why do I need to pay it?

The Booking Fee is a fee payable to reserve the collateral and is the consideration for the Term Sheet contract. It is the fee for ‘booking’ the transaction.

What is the Contract Fee?

The Contract Fee is the annual rental charge for the use of the Bank Guarantee, chargeable by the Provider. The Contract Fee will be detailed within the Term Sheet and commonly will be around 05,50% to 08,50% per annum, depending on the applicant, status and current market demand.

What is a Security Deposit?

In some cases, where the applicant is not a listed company or is a private corporation with low trading history or where the applicant is an individual, a Provider may request that a deposit is paid against the Contract Fee. It is a refundable deposit and credited towards the Contract Fee at completion.

Can I choose to pay any deposits into an escrow account?

Yes of course. Most Providers will be happy to arrange an escrow facility for deposits.

Do I need to pay legal fees or bank charges of the Provider?

No. The Providers will typically pay all legal fees in the issuance of the collateral and documentation and will pay the bank charges for the issuance of the Guarantee. All costs and charges are included within the Contract Fee and will be detailed within the Term Sheet.

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