Sea Port

Commercial Port Development – Adriatic


Collateral Transfer Facility – Collateral Injection with Credit Line and Investment.

  • Brief : To obtain strong collateral to secure both private investors and commercial lending facilities.
  • Total Facility Requirement : € 52 million

Facility Obtained

Balkan based Provider Group with Dubai based Lender

  • Facility Secured: Collateral Transfer Facility of € 52 million Secured Private Investment of €44.2 million
  • Annual Contract Fee : 5.75%
  • Term : 12 months (renewable to 3 years if required)
  • Deposit against Contract Fee : € 355’000

A European based development consortium had laid detailed plans for the development of a sea port on the Adriatic Coast. The development consists of both commercial sea port facilities, storage facilities and a residential development encompassing a private marina for leisure craft.

IntaCapital were successful to secure for the client a Collateral Transfer Facility and private investment for the project to a value over €40 million. We assisted the consortium with various aspects of licensing and approval by promoting inter-client relationships and where existing clients of IntaCapital based locally (with local connections and knowledge), assisted this client achieve their goals and objectives.

Whilst this project is still on-going, IntaCapital and our associates in the region continue to offer support and assistance to our client. Part of this assistance was to maintain the facility and to ensure it is quickly assessable upon demand, even though the facility has not currently been fully drawn-down. We look forward to presenting more information in the future on our achievements with this exciting on-going project.