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    Why Use IntaCapital Swiss?

Why Use IntaCapital Swiss?

Our clients benefit by using our services to ensure they have the best possible chance of getting accepted by a Provider for a Bank Guarantee ‘Lease’. We ensure that our clients obtain the most competitive contract in terms of minimising cost and maximising term and value.

By commissioning IntaCapital to obtain a Collateral Transfer facility, we undertake to fast-track every application and obtain the optimum terms from a willing Provider within 7 working days of application. As we hold strong relationships with Providers and numerous international banks, we ensure the best possible chances of acceptance and the most competitive terms.

IntaCapital do not levy any upfront or advance charges and are happy to provide full detailed and definitive Terms free of charge. These will be offered as a formal Term Sheet secured with a willing Provider. A small booking fee may be applicable.

A completion fee of up to 01,75% (typically 01,25%) will be payable at completion of the transaction and is often added to the Contract Fee payable to the Provider. IntaCapital Swiss do not levy any other fees or charges unless instructed to undertake other work by our clients.

* It should be noted that IntaCapital may make commission payments to introducing brokers from completion fees received, but will not affect our fee structure.

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IntaCapital Swiss SA (@Intacapital)

IntaCapital Swiss SA (@Intacapital)

Why are the Collateral Transfer Terms fixed annually? Learn more about 12 to 72 month financial contracts: ow.ly/DRq550BtgAB #ColllateralTransfer #BankGuarantees #IntaCapitalSwiss #Finance #Loan #BusinessLoan

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak:

In light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we wish to assure all our clients and potential customers that we remain open for business as usual.

Given the travel restrictions being imposed against certain nations and restricted travel to and from Switzerland, we have implemented permissions from our sources and provider groups to conduct meetings over video links and to exchange legal documents via DHL and email. This process will remain in place during the travel restrictions and we would like to assure all existing clients, customers and new applicants that they should not experience any significant delays during this time.

Whilst Switzerland has now entered the removal stage of the lockdown procedure, we are deeply understating that many other countries are not yet at that position to do the same. As a result, we have implemented existing Swiss procedures to undertake our interviews, underwriting and identification procedures online - as many other dynamic Swiss Banks have been using for the last few years.

We are now adopting a remote underwriting mode.
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If you are worried about the circumstances or have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone us on +41 22 544 1653.

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