IntaCapital Swiss - Case Study - Mineral Water Bottling Plant

Mineral Water Bottling Plant, (FYROM).


Collateral Transfer Facility – Collateral Injection with Credit Line and ongoing support

  • Brief : To obtain suitable collateral and secure a lender (or investor) to make available loan funds to the Client.
  • Total Facility Requirement : € 18.5 million
Facility Obtained

European based Provider Group with Balkan based Lender

  • Facility Secured : Collateral Transfer Facility of € 21 million with a secured credit line of €18.5 million
  • Annual Contract Fee : 5.65%
  • Term : 12 months (renewable up to 6 years)
  • Deposit against Contract Fee : No Deposit was required as the company had long trading history and was financially strong.

A well established soft drinks manufacturer and distributor laid long-term plans to enter the European market with a range of soft and fruit based drinks using still and naturally sparking mineral waters. They employed IntaCapital to seek suitable partners and distribution networks in the East European and Balkan regions. This included seeking physical premises that included the necessity to locate and purchase an existing bottling plant that had a unique quality of mineral water. By employing our professional appraisal teams, we succeeded in securing premises that included land containing mineral water wells with naturally sparkling water. We also negotiated the necessary Government licences that enabled our client to operate the wells, plant and distribution.

IntaCapital were able to facilitate the necessary guarantees to secure the purchase of the plant and the development of it whilst the application for funding was being processed. IntaCapital were successful in securing a Collateral Transfer Facility for €21 million and arranged a private lending group to make available a credit line to the value of €18.5 million for up to a 6 year term.

The Company has operated successfully in their new premises with their new range of soft drinks and IntaCapital have already introduced them to several hotel groups and retailers who have entered into supply contracts with them. IntaCapital were pleased not only to assist our client obtain the finance they needed to expand in this region, but also to continue to support them by the introduction of new customers and ongoing assistance.

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