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I am Indonesian national and run a commodities based company involved in the petrochemical industry. How do I qualify to obtain bank instruments to improve my business practices and satisfy my suppliers requirements?

Thank you for your enquiry. We are familiar with this industry and have experience in working within your jurisdiction. You can view your working procedures and application process here.. We would happily view your application with the intention of finding a suitable solution for you.

I have just started a start up company involved in the telecommunication sector. The company is based in Canada. What are the under writing requirements to help me receive funding?

Thank you for enquiry. We a fully aware that the telecommunication sector is dynamic and fast growing. The prospect of working with a start-up company does not necessarily present an issue as we hold relationships with investment groups that have had, and are prepared, to take on clients of this nature. It is suggested that you call one of our New Business Team so we can discuss the specifics in more depth.

I am interested in receiving a bank guarantee to obtain a credit line. I am based in Germany. What information do you need from me?

Thank you for your enquiry. Collateral Transfer Facilities including the issuance of BGs is indeed a service we offer. In some instances, depending on standing of the company, we may also offer credit line facilities based upon the instrument you hold. In order to start the process, you will be required to complete the Client Information Profile (CIP), which can be found here. All information submitted is protected under Swiss Privacy & Confidentiality protocols. If you would like more information regarding the information required or more details on Collateral Transfer Facilities, please contact our New Business Department directly.

I am an independent broker based in Australia but the majority of my existing clients are from Europe. Is it possible to introduce these clients even though we operate in separate jurisdictions?

Thank you for your enquiry. We see a lot of enquiries from Australia concerning the services we offer, but have limited representation there. We would certainly entertain application from new Broker within this jurisdiction. It does not matter that you are Australian based with European clients, as long as you have a good working relationship with them and communication between parties is concise and regular. I suggest that you complete the Prospective Intermediary Profile (PIP), which can be found here. We also pay commissions on all successful completions.

We are a Chinese company seeking to expand our operations in Europe and the Middle East. How is it possible to obtain the necessary funding?

Thank you for your enquiry. We have experience with Chinese companies based solely in mainland China and also those that have subsidiary companies in different jurisdiction. China is an interesting jurisdiction and still currently has capital restrictions place upon its citizens by the central bank, tower these are now being relaxed. It is advised that you contact our New Business Department to discuss how you can be funded and talk about the different strategies to obtain that funding.

I own a well-established brokerage in the UK and am looking to form a relationship with specific investment groups that can work with our clients. Our client base is primarily involved in the leisure and hotel sector. Can you assist us with this?

Thank you for the enquiry. We are always interested in forming relationship with other professional entities. There are many ways we can offer structured finance. Please contact our New Business Department and request to speak with one of our Senior Team members.

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