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    IntaCapital Swiss SA is a boutique finance company head-quartered in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland and with representation world-wide.

About Us

About Our Organisation

Encompassing over 150 years of experience, our exceptional core team offer our clients the utmost professionalism in the delivery of unique and bespoke finance facilities.

IntaCapital Swiss is a modern and dynamic boutique finance company of Switzerland. We represent the traditional Swiss Banking practices of discretion, strength, reliability and performance. Traditional Swiss principles combined with modern financial dynamics makes us leaders in facilitating corporate finance and financial restructuring of companies and corporations in need of additional capital or to prepare for public or private sale in an international arena.

We deliver a unique, expert and confidential service to assure excellence and financial supremacy for our clients.

Specialists in bespoke services to companies seeking additional capital, equity or refinance. We utilise modern financial techniques to raise required capital and employ tax efficient structures and methodologies to restructure corporations and their subsidiaries leading up to sale or public offering.

Strong partnership alliances with our investment bankers, investors and private equity professionals allow us to offer opportunity to growing companies and to those established companies that are in need of further investment for expansion or debt restructure.

Employing techniques such as securitisations, white-label fund structures, collateral transfer, private bond issues, private debt and equity and other forms of structured finance and lending, we are able to secure expansion and exploratory capital as well as bespoke direct lending and project finance facilities. For those clients striving for efficiency and restructure, we are able to inject fresh capital through the revival of stagnant or dormant assets.

Each member of our unique Team holds specific and detailed knowledge in a wide range of financial arenas enabling us to offer our clients the very best advice and to take our clients to where they want to be, on time and on target.

IntaBroker Partners

Developing new relationships and exploring new opportunities is our right of way. Strategically, we place high importance on the Professional Broker community. After all, you are a very integral part of our ever mounting success and brand development.

Broker’s are perfectly sited to fully comprehend their clients’ demands, needs and commercial requirements. Professional Broker’s and Intermediaries are respected and trusted by their clients which aids in the building of new relationships.

Often, the client’s requirements can be challenging. Securing the facility that best suits them can be very labour intensive. By holding the right view and strong relationship between the client and their long-standing Broker can ensure that reporting lines are fluid and information flow is maintained as well as confidence.

We are at the cutting edge of our profession. Working with you, IntaCapital Swiss can secure economical, effective and viable solutions that meet your client’s expectations and demands. Our small team of Business Development Managers are always here to assist new professional intermediaries. Whether to simply discuss a potential case, provide solutions for a one-off transaction or to build a long-lasting professional relationship, we would be pleased to hear from you. If you are determined in your desire to keep existing relationships rewarding and eager to explore new opportunities, we look forward to working with you in expanding horizons together.


“Swiss banks’ discretion is older than the modern Swiss state.” (Boris Collardi, CEO Julius Bär)

For hundreds of years, Switzerland and its banking system have been renowned for quality, strength and discretion. Notorious for trust, performance and of course secrecy.

We are now living in different times with constantly changing boundaries that necessitate responsibility in a modern world. Switzerland remains in the Top 10 of world financial centres with Zurich (known more for its commercial merchant banking), and Geneva (for its investment and private banking) being the most popular financial Cantons inside Switzerland.

IntaCapital Swiss – centred in Geneva, is a natural fusion of experienced bankers, investors, analysts and finance professionals committed to providing its clients with flexible, sustainable and effective bespoke funding facilities. With over 150 years experience among our core team, IntaCapital can provide the tailored financial solutions required.

Born of integrity, we carry the duty to provide our clients with the utmost professionalism moving forward and we jointly work together for the achievement of mutual success.

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    Our Partners

    Working with IntaCapital Swiss opens up access to the exclusive skill-set of our exceptionally experienced team and in addition brings access to a unique network of funders, investors and finance professionals, world-wide.

    Holding strong and trusted relationships that span many years, we continue to build and develop strong strategic partnerships and alliances with finance providers and professionals, allowing us to offer only the best in service, discretion and client care, delivering true and unrivalled performance.

    We sustain a truly international network of Appointed Representatives enabling us to give our clients the attention and high quality service that they have come to expect from the IntaCapital brand.

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  • Why are the Collateral Transfer Terms fixed annually?

    Collateral Transfer facilities you will often find are offered in terms of 12 to 72 months, working on a renewable 12 month contract

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    Why is it called ‘Leasing’ Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit?

    The word ‘leasing’ when regarding to Bank Guarantees and Collateral Transfer is a misnomer and should be avoided…

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IntaCapital Swiss SA (@Intacapital)

IntaCapital Swiss SA (@Intacapital)

Why are the Collateral Transfer Terms fixed annually? Learn more about 12 to 72 month financial contracts: ow.ly/DRq550BtgAB #ColllateralTransfer #BankGuarantees #IntaCapitalSwiss #Finance #Loan #BusinessLoan

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak:

In light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we wish to assure all our clients and potential customers that we remain open for business as usual.

Given the travel restrictions being imposed against certain nations and restricted travel to and from Switzerland, we have implemented permissions from our sources and provider groups to conduct meetings over video links and to exchange legal documents via DHL and email. This process will remain in place during the travel restrictions and we would like to assure all existing clients, customers and new applicants that they should not experience any significant delays during this time.

Whilst Switzerland has now entered the removal stage of the lockdown procedure, we are deeply understating that many other countries are not yet at that position to do the same. As a result, we have implemented existing Swiss procedures to undertake our interviews, underwriting and identification procedures online - as many other dynamic Swiss Banks have been using for the last few years.

We are now adopting a remote underwriting mode.
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If you are worried about the circumstances or have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone us on +41 22 544 1653.

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