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    Funding for Real Estate Projects

    Real Estate projects can benefit from our financial facility, Collateral Transfer by injecting capital into business accounts. We have facilitated, real estate purchases, redevelopments, and portfolio acquisitions worldwide utilising our global pool of Providers.

    To benefit from our funding facilities and to grow your real estate venture, enquire about how raising capital via Collateral Transfer can propel your business plans forward.

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    Worldwide Funding

    With our 150 years of core-team experience and representation in over 12 countries, we hold a strong and reliable network of professional financial intermediaries – ensuring we deliver personal, confidential, and efficient services to a worldwide audience.

    Utilising our global network of financial intermediaries and Providers, we can find a suitable financial partner that is willing to offer your Real Estate project the financing it requires. Our worldwide exclusive ability to facilitate structured corporate loans and financial packages has allowed companies to expand and grow through their Real Estate ventures.

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    About IntaCapital Swiss

    Professionals in bespoke financial solutions for corporates around the world.

    We specialise in providing Collateral Transfer Management for our clients, based on their individual needs and time frames.

    Our unique alliance of traditional Swiss methodology combined with modern and dynamic thinking, allows us to offer our clients tailormade, bespoke solutions from the most powerful financial centres in the world.

    Delivering excellence; On-time and on-target.”

Funding Facilities

Worldwide, IntaCapital Swiss facilitates tailored financial packages to corporates by encapsulating a bespoke fusion of both contemporary and traditional Swiss methodologies. Our funding combines excellence with competitive pricing, delivering simplicity to complex financial requirements – meeting the needs of our international commercial clients.

Real Estate projects can benefit from our popular financial facility, Collateral Transfer. This facility benefits your enterprise by injecting high levels of capital, supporting largescale projects and business ventures.

To find out more information and how to apply for Collateral Transfer, please click below.

Bank Guarantees

At IntaCapital Swiss, we assist our clients in raising credit against Bank Guarantees. These received under Collateral Transfer Facilities may be used by corporations around the world to secure Lines of Credit. Read more

Collateral Transfer

Discover IntaCapital Swiss’ dynamic and bespoke method of raising high-level capital to finance commercial ventures and specific projects, designed to fit your business requirements. Read more

Raising Lines of Credit

A Bank Guarantee that is received under a Collateral Transfer facility can be used by the recipient to secure a Line of Credit at a Bank. The recipient is typically eligible to Raise a Line of Credit by using a Bank Guarantee in this manner. Read more

Credit Lines & Monetisation

A Line of Credit can be secured by a collateral asset of your business, enabling a pre-set amount of credit which can be used at any time. Learn how IntaCapital Swiss facilitates Credit Lines and Monetisation. Read more

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We have worked with clients in over 28 Countries Worldwide, successfully facilitating bespoke financial funding.


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