Forex Trading

Forex Trading – Two Essential Skills

Self and risk control are essential skillsets of those within the FX market – succeeding in these two fundamental skills will aid the success of FX traders.

Risk Control

Management of risk control is key to master and is relatively easy to implement via the correct setup of a trading account. Alongside extensive research of Forex Trading, there are two significant principles to concentrate on…

  • Comparison of risks and rewards for differing stocks
  • Calculation of several angles of money management

Professionals within this field spend a large proportionate of their time, typically one-third, covering the above principles. By performing this level of analysis, the trader can make informed decisions and be cautious of stocks, which have been evaluated and concluded to be outside of their risk parameters. It’s important to continue constant analysis and not make decisions based on previous trades that have either performed positively or negatively. Understanding this basic principle of trade management will ensure that a system is in place to help manage and understand risk control, otherwise, traders could find themselves at risk of losing funds.


This skill is considered harder to implement and/or quantify. However, it is paramount to maintain self-control and accurately record trades by keeping quality trading records. Successful traders, irrespective of their divisions, i.e., futures, options, long-term, short-term, etc. will all maintain their trading records to a high standard. Those who don’t, are again, at risk of losing funds.

Implementing these two essential skills will aid traders in performing to their best ability over a continuous period. At IntaCapital Swiss, we introduce our customers to online STP (Straight Through Processing) platforms offered by the banks within Switzerland. To initiate introductions, please get in touch via our online contact form.