Collateral Transfer

Collateral Transfer is a dynamic way of raising high-level capital to finance commercial enterprises and specific projects. It allows the Borrower to raise secured funds without encumbering existing assets, or where the Borrower holds inadequate assets and security for conventional lending requirements.

How does Collateral Transfer relate to Bank Guarantees?

Combining effectively two simultaneous facilities, Collateral Transfer is the injection of investment capital via the medium of a Bank Guarantee (or Demand Guarantee) and the fusion of a Lombard loan indirectly utilising the imported collateral to secure short to mid-term funding at competitive lending rates.

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At what limits can Collateral Transfer be used?

Facilities start from €10 million and are available in Swiss Francs, EURO€ and GBP£ currencies. Lower funding packages on similar terms are available for SME’s, please see Collateral Transfer SME.

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Can I borrow less than €10 million in the Collateral Transfer process?

Yes, small to medium enterprises are also able to apply and benefit from the facilities that IntaCapital Swiss offer. There are many benefits from using IntaCapital Swiss to facilitate Collateral Transfer, including fast-track lending from €2 up to €9 million with a low monthly equivalent interest rate compared to the current short-term fund rates.

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What are the benefits of using Collateral Transfer?
  • A low ‘monthly equivalent’ interest rate
  • Flexible and bespoke underwriting criteria
  • Free quotations and illustrations
  • Free and friendly advice

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What’s the procedure for obtaining Collateral Transfer?

Procedures are remarkably simple. Although they vary slightly from one provider to the next, they are in general pretty similar. We have outlined the procedures in full detail to give our potential clients all the information they need.

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Apply with IntaCapital Swiss

To find out more information about Collateral Transfer or to apply via IntaCapital Swiss, please get in contact with an expert to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please apply using our Application Enquiry Service to submit your details.

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